Cardiff Council Vote Against Conservative Motion

February 2019

This evening, Welsh Labour councillors on Cardiff City Council voted against Cllr. Joel Williams' proposed motion, requesting that Cardiff Council formally write to Cardiff Bus to notify them of a series of proposed changes to their board of directors.

Speaking on the issue, Joel said: "It's so important that the current politicians on the board are replaced with suitable men and women from the business and transport industry, to ensure that the board of Cardiff Bus is best equipped to deal with the present, and future challenges the business might face."

He continued: "By voting against tonight's motion, the Labour party and other members of Cardiff Council have let the city down. We will be asking them to reconsider their position in the future. What we wanted to do tonight was to best equip Cardiff Bus to face future challenges, to protect the interests of staff, bus passengers and Cardiff residents."

He finished: "The motion might have been voted down by Welsh Labour and other members, however, the Conservatives will continue fighting for local residents in the Council chamber."

If you want to get involved with the campaign, then please contact Joel and the Cardiff North Conservative team using this link: