Letter to the Editor: Welsh Labour Brexit Position

July 2019

Below is a copy of Cllr. Joel Williams' letter to the editor of the South Wales Echo regarding Welsh Labour's position on Brexit:

Dear Editor, 
I couldn’t help but notice that once again, the Welsh Labour Party are at odds with their London counterparts when it comes to Brexit. Last month we saw Welsh Labour AMs in the Senedd, back Plaid Cymru’s motion of what would essentially be a re-run of the 2016 ‘In-Out’ referendum, recreating the adversarial politics that we played witness to in 2016. Yet the leadership of the UK-wide Labour Party still - after 3 years - hasn't decided on a position. Whether you agree with them or not, what they owe us is clarity, and the Labour Party aren’t delivering it.  
However, you’d like to think that Welsh Labour has learnt their lesson from the 2019 European Parliament elections where they haemorrhaged votes to both the Brexit Party and the Welsh Liberal Democrats, nearly costing them their only Welsh seat in the European Parliament. However, what has remained abundantly clear is that they remain hopelessly out of touch with their heartlands. Indeed, 3 years on from the result, surely it is time we as a country come together, politicians alike, and put this issue to bed once and for all.
Indeed, don't we owe it to the people of Wales to deliver the mandate of 52.53% Welsh men and women, by delivering a Brexit that works for everyone? We need a Brexit that supports families and businesses the length and breadth of Wales, creating jobs, investment and opportunities for all. We often hear the dooms and glooms of leaving the European Union, pushed by the pro-remain Labour-led Welsh Government, but as a Conservative, proud Brexiteer and someone who believes in Wales I know that leaving the European Union will not only benefit our country but allow us to thrive on the world stage. 
Best regards, 
Cllr. Joel Williams
Prospective Conservative Welsh Assembly Candidate for Cardiff North