Welsh Water Issues in Old St. Mellons

June 2019

After receiving correspondence from Welsh Water, Councillor Joel Williams, along with his ward colleague Councillor Dianne Rees inspected the third-party damage to a water mains in Old St. Mellons. Speaking about the damage, Councillor Williams emphasised the need for quick and urgent action form Welsh Water:

"It's absolutely vital Welsh Water keep on top of this issue, any work they carry out needs to be done quickly, efficiently and with little effect on local residents. I'm encouraged to hear that Welsh Water intend to deal with the situation straight away."

"I am told residents are to expect an interruption to their water supply from approximately 11 pm this evening. If you do require any water over the night, Welsh Water are suggesting you store any water you may need."

If you have any queries about the damage, and the work that follows then please call Welsh Water on 01443 248958 or 0800 052 0130.