St. Edeyrn's Estate Management Concerns

June 2019

Over the last few weeks, Joel has been meeting with local residents regarding the proposed St. Edeyrn development. Joel recently arranged to meet with Ashley Bishop who represented the residents of the St. Edeyrn's Village. 

Speaking about the meeting, Councillor Joel Williams said: "Residents have made it abundantly clear that there are serious issues surrounding the estate management fees and other important aspects of the housing development. However, this isn't a case that is specific to just Cardiff North, it is clear that similar situations are happening right across Wales."

He continued: "It's been a really useful meeting with Ashley and David Melding AM, the Welsh Conservative Assembly Member for South Wales Central. Going forward we'll continue to liaise with residents to work towards an end goal that benefits local residents.  - What has been made clear is that Wales' housing market needs fixing."