Candidate Backs British Heart Foundation Campaign

May 2019

Whilst attending Welsh Conservative Party Conference, Councillor Joel Williams met with the British Heart Foundation to discuss their calls for CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) lessons to be taught in all schools across Wales.

Last month calls by the British Heart Foundation were rejected by the Liberal Democrat education minister, Kirsty Williams AM. 

Speaking about their campaign, Joel said: "This is such an important cause, the British Heart Foundation has my full backing and I think it's a real shame the Welsh Government won't support their campaign for compulsory lessons on how to save lives."

From 2020, CPR will be taught in all schools right across England, and in Scotland, every local authority has committed to teaching lifesaving skills in secondary schools. Speaking on this issue, Joel continued: "Once again we'll find ourselves in a situation where the Labour-run Welsh Government will be playing catch-up with the rest of the United Kingdom."

Joel ended by saying: "I'll be doing all I can to back the British Heart Foundation's campaign, by working with my colleagues in the Welsh Assembly to put pressure on the Welsh Government to change direction and back the pledge."