Joel Raises Cardiff North Policing Issues with the Home Secretary

May 2019

This weekend Joel met with the Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP - Home Secretary to discuss a number of policing issues in Cardiff North. 

Speaking at the meeting, Joel raised the issue of violent crime and how statistics show a rise in Wales. Joel said: "It's important we nip violent crime, especially knife crime in the bud. I commend the job South Wales Police have been doing over the past year to tackle the issue of violent crime, they play a huge role in our community."

Joel continued: "It was great to hear from Sajid Javid MP about his recently announced plans to increase funding for South Wales Police to tackle violent crime. It's vital South Wales Police use this money effectively and strategically in order to best tackle crimes on our streets. I look forward to inviting the Home Secretary back to Cardiff North in the coming months to discuss issues that face Cardiff North residents further."