Joel's Campaign to Stop Votes for Prisoners

April 2019

Councillor Joel Williams, Prospective Welsh Assembly candidate for Cardiff North, alongside members of the Welsh Conservative Party, launched their campaign to stop the Labour-run Welsh Government from giving prisoners the right to vote in Cardiff North last month.
Speaking whilst out knocking doors in Llanishen, Cardiff North, Councillor Williams said: “I’m really disappointed in Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru for supporting the Welsh Governments proposal to give prisoners the right to vote.”
He continued: “Let us be very frank about this, we should categorically not be giving murders, paedophiles, rapists and other convicted felons the right to vote in an election. When you commit a crime and get arrested for it, you surrender your personal liberties, and so it’s important you face the music and this includes being stripped of the right to vote.”
“This is not about preventing prisoner rehabilitation, it’s about prioritising the victims of crimes and making sure the justice service is upheld. If the Welsh Government allow this proposal to go ahead they’ll be ignoring the experiences and trauma of those who have been directly affected by the acts of those in prison.” 
He continued, “The response to our campaign on the doorstep has been really positive, most residents are disgusted by the fact prisoners could be given the opportunity to have a direct impact on their lives from inside a jail cell. The Welsh Government need to open their eyes and listen to the concerns of residents, this wasn’t a promise in neither Welsh Labour’s, the Liberal Democrat’s or Plaid Cymru’s manifestoes, and so it’s important that the Welsh Government are open and honest about their proposal.”

If you want to back our campaign to prevent votes for prisoners and to send a strong message to the Labour Welsh Government, then you can sign our petition here.